The oldest distributor of English Language Teaching materials in Colombia.

Founded with the conception of raising the standards of language teaching and learning, Anglo is highly respected for distributing and producing a very wide variety of innovative teaching materials to meet the requirements of the most demanding  English Language Teaching situations.

All of our teaching materials, from Pre-school to University levels, are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and this guarantees the utmost quality in textbooks that provide an integrative approach to language education. Endless years are spent on research and development of each text. All of our materials are carefully piloted in classrooms by professional teachers to guarantee ease of teaching and success in language acquisition and learning. 

Anglo is the only distributor in Colombia that has a dedicated Academic Consulting Department for giving professional in-service training to all teachers and conducts Teacher Development Programmes for International Teacher Certification under the auspices of Trinity College of London. Throughout the year, Anglo invites international speakers to hold seminars and workshops for enlightening teachers with the latest insights to language teaching methods, classroom interaction and current issues on pedagogy. Another important service that the Academic Consulting Department provides is collaborating with Universities in doing Research Projects in Applied Linguistics and Curriculum design. 

We look to the future, not only by anticipating new trends and approaches, but also by embracing original ideas and innovative methodology and technology

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